New Kidz coming out with fresh shots


By:Ricardo Bailey

NewKidz_Profile.jpgEveryone knows New Kidz from his burst out single "Hotter Set a Gal". Now New Kidz is coming out fresh again.

He has an upcoming single entitled "Woman" and he is slated to be doing a album which will be releasing in early January 2009.

Although detailed information on the album is yet to be released, New Kidz promises that it will be "banging".

Everyone wonders where the name New Kidz originated. The uniquely named artist explained to YardFlex that his friends on the corner just came up with the name as he was always coming up with new ideas and new jokes. Hence the name New Kidz.

New Kidz has been dabbling in the music business since the age from 12 but he became officially immersed in it as of 1998 when his hit song "Hotter Set a Gal" was released.

Now signed to Gargamel Records, New Kidz has other hot singles including, "Ready to Roll Out" on the Big Jeans Label and "Again." New Kidz has done collaborations with Singer J and Buju Banton; and has set his sites on doing a few with Bounty Killer, Sean Paul and Jay Z.

A few of New Kidz’ achievements include: traveling the world and discovering new places while touring with Buju Banton and making good music.

"Put God first and music second, don't be bad mind and envious and don't mix badness with music," New Kidz said, as advice for anyone who is interested in getting involved in the music business.

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