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jah+cure1.jpgJah Cure wants to keep ‘expecting father’ status quiet
Mr ‘Longing For’ – Jah Cure, has a blessed bundle of joy on the way, but he seems to be peeved that 20 year old Gardinia is insistent on blabbing the news to anyone who will listen.
Wanting to keep this bit of his life private, Jah Cure is constantly at odds with his expected child’s mom who he blames for spreading the news.
Gardinia however, has told Yardflex sources that she is not having a happy pregnancy, since many people are harassing her as a result of her being pregnant for Jah Cure. Besides being heckled at times, the ‘cute party girl’ has also had the word ‘slut’ written on her Oaklands apartment door; allegedly by some jealous and irate female fans.
“I can’t stand him no more – he called me talking crap...” Gardinia told our source who also said Jah Cure denied the child was his at first – considering its mom’s affinity for the party scene. However, he has no choice now but to acknowledge what he knows deep down is a reality, the source said.
We a wonder what is wrong with young girls...why are they terrorizing Gardinia? They need to leave her alone.

Happy Earthday Mr. Vegas
vegas_missa.jpgYardflex would like to send out heartfelt wishes for a very Happy Earthday.
Hoping you enjoy yourself today and that you remain blessed everyday