Macka Diamond woes


macka_diamondmoney_sexyphotoskonshens.jpgMacka Diamond's Swiss boo was raving mad recently and he made no qualms in expressing to Queen Money –O that the many calls from this one and that were jarring his nerves.

Sources said, it was after Macka returned from Canada from a visit with her son that she went to see ‘Monsieur de Swiss’ to smooth things out; and he was upset because ‘man no stop call him phone to threaten him telling him all sorts of things.’

We did tink a just Money-O Macka a defend… never know is a Good – O fight a gwaan

Go Money – O boo!


“Go get a job,” T.I. tells his baby moms
800px-T.I._by_Carla.jpg Last week it was reported that T.I. was being sued by the mother of his two sons, Lashon Dixon. Claiming she was having a financial crisis and needed money badly, Dixon has filed for more child support.

Not having any of that, T.I. has remained close lipped on the lawsuit. The Rapbasement report disclosed that he has been paying $2.000 monthly to Dixon on top of taking care of all the children’s expenses like: private education, clothing, gifts, food, health insurance and activities like sports and acting lessons.

The rapper was reported as saying, “I provide 100% of their financial support. I should only be judged for my actions and not Lashon’s conscious decision not to work and not to contribute to the financial support of our boys."

He feels Dixon should not try to live only on his payments, but she should get a job.