Spragga Benz’ Son Carlton Grant Jnr. Laid To Rest


By: Elizabeth Smith

Carlton Grant Snr., known across the world as Spragga Benz and Sharon Gapoor, today accompanied their son Carlton Grant Jnr. on his final journey.

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Laid to rest this morning at a funeral that was very well attended, Carlton Junior, lovingly named Carlyle/Different, was placed in a closed casket with only some family members viewing his body an reacting in utter disdain.

Such a somber occasion it was, as is always the case when a community is faced with the premature passing of its youth. Facial expressions seemingly questioned the tragedy that unfolded at his time of death and the uncertainty of it all resulted in an intensely agonizing aura permeating the entire proceedings.

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Weeping openly and even uncontrollably at times, family and friends filed into Our Lady Of Angels Church on Molynes Road at 10:00am. The church quickly filled up with many representatives from the Jamaican and global music fraternities in attendance, including: Nadine Sutherland, Clyde McKenzie, Assassin, Carlene Smith, TOK, Richie Stephens, Copper Cat and Foxy Brown.


An all white dress code was interspersed with Jamaica College (JC) and Camperdown High School uniforms, worn by 17 year-old Carlton’s former school-mates. Described as a bright and well mannered young man, Carlton transferred to Camperdown High School after finishing fourth form at JC.

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Spragga Benz rose to the occasion and was able to add his specially scripted song for Carlton to the many musical dedications and other tributes. The choir from Camperdown sang as a teary eyed congregation joined them with hymns like: “Meet Me At The River,” “All To Jesus I Surrender” and “In Your Hands.”

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Officiated by the Right Reverend Father Michael Lewis, Carlton’s homegoing ceremony lasted for about an hour and a half. Tributes were offered up by his 6 year-old sister, Chaniel Scott, his cousin, Chantelle Grant as well as his girlfriend, Isheilee Bennett; and another sister Shanice Grant led the attendees in prayer.

Overcome with grieve, Carlton’s mom had to be supported as the funeral procession went on to the Dovecot Cemetery.

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Carlton Grant was fatally shot by police bullets on August 24, 2008 and the circumstances surrounding the incident remain unclear as witnesses and police reports are conflicting.

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  • enia

    Spragga mi foreign but I luv you & your music, I'm so sorry you lose your son, I don't trust the police, your son is beautiful!! I pray jah eases your pain here in the earth I hope to meet you some day here or after I have 6 kids so jah bless you don't cry no more just pray and be strong until you see him again.

  • Cheick Diarra

    Hi top shotta me name papus, rip to the shatta angel no one can replace all my condolence to you king of miami love u all shatta god seen anof justice ds be ther all my support to you kingspragga name is papus from mali non as mamby all my respectto mr carlton Jun

  • Morrissafia

    carlton grant gone and not forgotten.............big up the columbians...............c.down 4eva

  • katie

    I have three children and I cannot imagine losing one of them. I pray continuously. keep your head up to Spragga and Sharon.....Jah Bless.....

  • cougar101

    vengence is mine saith the lord!!when you let god handle it its well taken care of .you just sit back and watch the punishment unfold on the cold blooded b***** that did this to such a beautiful person as well as a beautiful soul!family keep ya head up and b strong gods got your back!!!

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