Suh mi sey


With Joan Wilson
olympics.gifAll the euphoria surrounding the Olympians performance in Beijing, China seemed to have washed off where the criminal elements in the society is concerned. How soon we forget! Oh that we could still be basking in the joy and pride the Olympians gave us. Now it saddens my heart to be listening to the news again and hearing of death and mayhem in my society.

It's time that all of us as Jamaicans wake up and realise that we have something that's unique; and stop settling. It's no use that athletes like Asafa, Usain, Shelly-Ann and Melaine are placing us on the map and we go ahead and in flip destroy everything they have trained hard to accomplish.

Brand Jamaica is planning a big marketing strategy around their accomplishments, but unless they deal with the sore that is crime in Jamaica, then all their work will be in vain.

We can't try to lure tourists to our beautiful island and they can't feel safe. How can we ask them to come saying 'no problem' when we can't even guarantee that some thugs won't break into their hotel rooms and rob them blind?

Deal with crime. It's time to stop talking about tough measures and actually put measures in place.

It's not just the government's responsibility either, it's everyone's job. The saddest thing in all of this is that men are not the only culprits. Women are actually involved in hold ups and actually shooting people.

So just where do we go from here? It's everyone's task. We can't enjoy the glory if we are not prepared to do our part in protecting the country's image.