Tension surfacing between Haitian and Jamaican exotic dancers


exotic dancer.jpg“Mek dem gwan cause nuh baddi nuh betta dan yardie,” an exotic dancer told reporters recently as she scoffed at the idea that Haitian dancers were helping to increase business at a particular night club, as was reported by the club’s owner.

However the reality is that some night clubs in St Ann, St. Catherine and Portland have been featuring a number of Haitian exotic dancers over the past few weeks; and this situation has resulted in a brewing confrontation between Jamaican dancers and the foreigners.

Said to be part of the guns for drugs trade illicit operation, these women are also reportedly coming into Jamaica after paying hefty price tags that go up to US$1,600 just to be able to dance in Jamaican clubs.

Jamaican dancers have been more than disgruntled, claiming the Haitians are undercharging and robbing their customers. Dancing duties for which Jamaican dancers charge J$2,000, go for J$700 with the Haitian exotics. Nervous that the Haitians are attacking their livelihood by attempting to “take over the turf,” Jamaican dancers have been not only become outspoken towards their competition, they are also slamming into the men who patronize them saying they will never get anything better from the Haitian women.

No physical conflict has taken place, but the tension is high, with some clubs reporting that the Jamaican dancers sometimes opt against even sharing the same stage with the Haitians. Besides the Jamaicans’ attempts to dance even more sensually, the Haitians get the biggest applause and the most attention.

Investigations are ongoing, said the head of operation Kingfish who reportedly confirmed that the influx of Haitian women in recent weeks is as a result of the guns for drugs trade.

  • ajb

    through my experience I think it's just two types of shit with different colors.

  • warrior

    Cellie and Jamaican not every haitian you see practice voodoo nor not all of us take boats my girlfriend is jamaican and i'm haitian but to the white man we all niggas just remember that there's good and bad in everybody

  • rotos

    "Better still Jamaican gogo gyal unno fe go library find uplifting books on black empowerment go read and digest".

    On one hand you talking about Black empowerment and then turning to a GREAT BLACK people and telling them to go to their country on their fishing boats because they will damage your country and make it worst. What an idiot! You have no idea what Black empowerment means. If you knew anything about Haitian people you would be thanking them for being the Godfathers of the African struggle possibly in the world. So respect is due.

  • shazza

    From I born out of my mother's womb, I have never heard such gimmick. I cant believe ink is being wasted on who can dance better??!! why dont these slappers go educate themselves and find decent work go do?? or go field and count cows - even go do some charity work mek themselves worthwhile. Better still Jamaican gogo gyal unno fe go library find uplifting books on black empowerment go read and digest. Instead of whining up your body like smaddy got worms - go learn sumtin. At least if you have education no motherf/cka can tek that from you. U dunce! As for the Haitian gyal dem - Jamaica ave enuff obeah man/ooman they dont need anymore duppy worshipers!! So do a u-turn and hop back on ur fishing boat back to haiti!!!

  • jamaican

    dem need to send back dem dutty haitians back to haiti and mek dem stop tek jamaican money,dem come in thru portland and they illegal,deport dem

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