Condoms in schools and prison


Buffilous_Dancehall.jpgBig up my peeps, yuh done know every now and again a have to check in no matter how busy mi be. Now a have a very touchy subject fi all a wi and it's time wi call a spade a spade and talk up di tings dem.

Now fi di longest time di debate a guh back and forth bout whether we shoulda have condom inna school and inna di prison. Some people sey it come een like wi a issue one open invitation fi have sex, especially when it come on to di schoolers dem. Dem under age and giving dem condom is like we a sey we agree sey dem fi start venture inna big people world.

Now regarding di prison, yuh and mi know sey man and woman nuh go inna di same prison so from we sey condom fi inna prison suh yuh done know a di sex ting we a talk bout and not with man and woman... that is unless de guard dem get wild...but i doubt dat go on still.

Now is not dat we a sanction dem levity deh, but si whey mi a come from, suppose a man get hold dung and dem tings deh, at least him nuh haffi deal wid AIDS and any other repercussion. As to di one dem whey a deal with it willingly fire bun fiI dem, but dem fi still play it safe.

Mi nuh have nutton more fi sey pon di prison issue, but when it come to schoolers now hear mi thoughts.

A wish di whole a dem woulda concentrate pon dem book and figet di big people sinting and meck dem parents proud, but guess what, if wishes were horses beggars woulda ride, suh nuh matta how unno wish it, reality check…it nah guh happen, some a dem a guh do whey dem a guh do same way!

So make condoms available in school and when it's being issued give good counselling showing that it's not an open invitation.

Nuff time school pickney bruck and dem nah go out a dem way fi buy nuh condom, so meck it available, who knows maybe they would stay in school longer instead of dropping out through pregnancy.

That's fi mi thoughts on di issue…whey unno sey.