Dancehall selectors should not encourage lyrical wars

By: Djenaba Whyte

Jamaica-flag_dancehallmusic.jpgDancehall should be for enjoyment, fun and entertainment – not war. However it appears as if many sound system disc jockeys are adding fuel to an ever brewing fire of lyrical wars, that are commonly unleashed by disgruntled Dancehall DJs who make no hesitation to clearly speak their minds in song.

While reggae and dancehall have been famous for showcasing important messages to the world, bringing personal and sometimes intimate issues and details to an audience that only wants basic entertainment can get to be excessive – not to mention, monotonous.

Is it a ploy to win sympathizers and in so doing form separate warring factions? Answers to this question eludes all forward thinking dancehall partakers, who feel lyrical war indulgence only serves to promote division and even further ignite combative situations.

When dancehall fans enter their party of choice, it is not because they want to cheer on or take sides in some DJ’s personal problems. And so the sound system selectors need to ease up off of the nonsense and stop playing the rival tunes back to back, because that kind of selecting spurs on animosity and sometimes violence follows.

As opposed to the song that says, "Push wood in the fire jockey," regardless of how you interpret it, our disc jockeys need to change their way of approaching the lyrical wars and maybe, p"our water on the fire," instead.

And set de war ting straight!