Oprah pressured to interview Sarah Palin?


oprah_winfrey.jpgAccording to talk on celebrity news websites, Oprah Winfrey is presently caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place as many of her show’s staff are in favour of her featuring Sarah Palin, McCain’s running mate, on her famous talk show; but her endorsement of Barack Obama forces her to scoff at the idea.

With tons of requests pouring in through Oprah’s website to have Palin on the show, as well as a staff that is divided on the idea, Oprah appears to be leaning towards blocking the Palin idea completely.

Sources reportedly said the talk show magnate has in the past refused to have other high-profile Republicans on her highly rated show. Justice Clarence Thomas was once denied the opportunity to showcase his autobiography on the Oprah Show.

While neither Oprah nor executive producer Shari Salata have made any comments on the issue, sources say they may be adamantly against the proposed feature of Palin even though an executive has reportedly warned Oprah of possible unseemly repercussions if the Republican running mate is banned from the show.

The question of what is Oprah afraid of, has been posed. However it is obvious that her tremendous support for Obama may deem a Palin feature on the Oprah Show inappropriate. Some however think that Oprah is afraid that Palin will look too good and cause voters to sway from supporting Obama.

What do you think?