Rita Marley challenged parenting hurdles and won


rita_MarLeY.jpgParenting is for the most part extremely rewarding and satisfying. However there are unavoidable monumental challenges at times that can only be overcome through determination and above all love, as is exemplified in the case of the mothers of Bob Marley’s children and particularly with Rita Marley his widow.

Striving to preserve the important values instilled in the impressionable minds of all her husband’s children became automatic for Rita Marley who told reporters recently that regardless of the challenges of parenting, she was determined to not see any of her biological or adopted children become bad fruit because of her failure to fully embrace the task.

The Marley family first lady said that loving equally was of foremost importance to her and as a young mom and widow she was challenged but upheld her philosophy of having no preferences or differences and treating all her husband’s 11 children as one.

Rita Marley felt it necessary to still give an extra careful eye on the girls, saying they are more vulnerable than boys, especially if being reared in the inner city, as is the case with a large majority of the world’s children. Her own children were born and brought up in Trench Town and Mrs. Marley is proud to point out that the ghetto experience had no negative effect on her children.

In an encouraging manner, she explained how children born and raised in the ghetto can achieve great accomplishments through the consistent and effective parenting skills of those raising them.

The key to achievement lies in the hands of parents who must fulfill their responsibilities and deal with the challenges of parenting in the inner city, Rita Marley explained. She further noted that instructing children in love; explaining to them that while good and evil exists, they should always reach for good no matter what the cost – was important.

Attributing much of what she learned about child-rearing to an aunt with whom she grew, Rita Marley is thankful for the lessons and how they transcended time to afford her own children success. She said her aunt simply assured that she was raised with love, respect and discipline; never compromising her values.

extends well wishes to students going back to school and to all parents as the school year begins.