Introducing ‘Daggering Condoms’ by Vybz Kartel


Vybz_Kartel(2).jpgAs an fundamental element in his campaign to promote Safe Sex, Vybz Kartel has gone into the business of churning out condoms.

The brand name of the dancehall genius’ condoms is “Daggering” and they will surely live up to their name, as the three pack condom sets will be manufactured and tested to US FDA standards.

The release of this new venture comes on the heels of “Vybz Rum” that was also recently launched.

Kartel, who spearheads the Portmore Music Empire will have “Daggering Condoms” packaged in Jamaica and marketed there as well, through a private company.


  • thulani

    Big op addi wit di daggarin ting u inspire we as a ghetto yute fi mek it ya undastand caan dis ya knw

  • Jampress

    Bigs up Kartel....Smart move...real Business man...$$$$$ yah pree...nuh watch nuh face!!!

  • Onica Dick

    Big up to you the king of the gaza, you are truly lyrically ill, so unique, so talented in every possible way. Kartel you are my favourite dancehall artiste and i want you to continue to do what you because you do it so wonderfully. This love comes from Tobago

  • fabian

    yow mi teacha yu sell off.

  • kenyouth Dunn

    big up kartel and the entire empire. good move youth and show jamaica say yu can mek money even if you give up deeja. send a message to the barber.

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