Asafa Powell determined to reclaim record


asafa_powell.jpgAs he awaits the Athletissima Grand Prix in Lausanne, Switzerland, Asafa Powell spoke to reporters about his aims as a top sprinter; and he is bent on topping the remarkable 9.69 record set for the 100 meter by his team mate, Usain Bolt.

Speaking of Bolt’s record breaking run as ‘ridiculous” in terms of him going way and beyond anyone’s expectations, Powell said he is now inspired to go below 9.6 seconds for the 100 meters; as he is determined to make sure Bolt is out of his reach.

Although experiencing a season where injuries have become a barrier to his success, Powell was able to bring home an Olympic gold for the 4 by 100 relay, while individual medals eluded the champion sprinter who placed fifth in the 100 meter both in Beijing this year and in Athens in 2004.

Unable to explain why he masters the annual track circuits without ever medaling individually at any Olympics, Powell said that while Beijing was his best chance to cop an Olympic win so far, he is looking forward to the 2012 London games which he states will be his last opportunity.

Powell said, “I can't imagine the times he [Bolt] is capable of running at the moment. He's the man to beat right now but before it was me and if I can break another world record then I'll be the one back in the spotlight."

On Friday Bolt ran to a tidy 100 meter win at Zurich’s Weltklasse Athletic meeting that followed his brilliant display of a triple medal gold haul in Beijing.

Also scheduled to run in Lausanne, Bolt will be in action with the 200 meter, while Powell competes in the 100 meter.