Two-headed baby adds to unusual summer births


baby28.jpgNature recently granted one woman in Egypt the blessing of septuplets; and 27 year old Ghazal Khamis was the second woman to ever bring 7 babies into the world safely on August 16, 2008.

On Monday in Pakistan, nature sent another uncommon blessing to a woman there who gave birth to a baby boy who has two heads attached to one body.

Delivered by cesarean section at a clinic in Keshobput, the 12 lb 1 oz baby has been moved with his mother to a larger hospital to protect the family from curious onlookers.

His mother’s gynaecologist, Dr Mohamad Abdul Bari said that the child has one stomach and is eating normally with his two mouths. The doctor explained that while the baby was born from one embryo that experienced a developmental anomaly, he has a full set of limbs and one genital organ.

Named Kiron, the baby is still undergoing tests so physicians can determine whether he has one or two sets of vital organs. His 22 year old mother is in no immediate physical danger, except possibly from the large crowds of over 150,000 who have flocked to see her and her new bundle of joy.