Tom Cruise being sued for $11 million by movie extras

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tom_cruise_edit.jpgMovie extras injured while on the set for Tom Cruise’s production company, United Artists, have launched an $11 million lawsuit against Cruise and his partners for serious injuries incurred.

Reports from Berlin state that during the making of the World War II flick, "Valkyrie" in August 2007, the extras fell out of a period German army truck as the side panels flung open when the truck swung around a corner.

Cruise and business partner Paula Wagner was sent a letter by lawyer for the plaintiffs, Ariane Bluttner, that outlines the case brought against them and the MGM fostered United Artists and stipulates her client’s legal demands as being $11 million.

Originally due for release in July this year, the film will land in theatres in December instead. It was originally banned from production in Germany by the government there and was later given the go ahead following much national discussion on issues including the Scientology movement of which Cruise is a part.

Based on the plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler, put together by senior German military during the war, "Valkyrie" was shot at the Berlin site where the conspirators of the plot were executed. Cruise plays, Claus von Stauffenberg, the plot’s ringleader.

Failing a satisfactory out-of-court settlement, Bluttner stated she will submit a claim to the United States courts where United Artists is based; and this could mean additional punitive charges for Cruise and company.