Brutal Killing in Trinidad and Tobago


trinidad-tobago-flag_edit.jpgEl Socorro, Trinidad and Tobago was a horror scene Monday morning when a couple was attacked and shot by a gunman at their apartment. The husband, 38 year old Nicholas Tavernier and his 41 year old wife, Sharon Henry died in the hospital shortly after arriving.

Officers investigating the case suspect the double murders occurred as a result of an argument Tavernier had with someone and say an arrest is imminent.

The police reported that the husband and wife were getting ready to leave their home at around 4:45 AM when Tavernier was pounced on at the front gate by several men. A fist fight ensued, during which Tavernier was shot.

Both victims worked in the field of security, with Henry being an employee of Amalgamated Security Co. Ltd. And Tavernier, a security manager with a Auto Village in El Socorro.

His wife ran straight into the assailants upon hearing the ruckus outside and was shot while trying to rush back into her home. Her daughter found the couple in pools of blood and called police.