Glorious ending to exciting games


By: Devon Anderson and Dwight Fraser

The 29th Olympiad came to an end in Beijing with the same theatricality with which everyone was welcomed at the opening ceremony. At the bird nest stadium, where these games were held in China, a capacity crowd of 91,000 witnessed this fantastic closing ceremony.

Competing against each other in various sporting events, 204 countries came together; and in the end Jamaica's performance in track and field took precedence as a small Caribbean country with outstanding output especially in the sprint events.

Most notable are the 11 medals the country achieved at the games:

6 gold, 3 silver and two bronze. The male athletes had 3 medals while the females garnered 8

Standing out was Usain Bolt who earned himself 3 gold medals all in world record time. Great performances by female athletes included: Veronica Campbell-Brown’s gold in the 200 meters, where she defended her title; Melaine Walker’s gold in the 400 meters hurdles in Olympic record time and Shelly-Ann Fraser’s gold in the 100 meters.

Jamaica must be proud at what the country has achieved during the past two weeks by taking it’s strong athletic foundation to the world, thus highlighting the nation globally.

Yardflex would like to congratulate all the athletes and their administrative body for this wonderful endeavour that as a country we are very honoured to be apart of.

The next Olympic Games will be staged in London, England in 2012.