Olympics Unity


lead.jpgIt look like Olympics fi come regular, because only when a Olympics
the crime rate drop. It look like everybody so busy a watch Olympics
them nuh have nuh time fi rob, kill or shoot nuh body.

Why wi caan keep this up wen nuh Olympics nah gwaan. Look how the country a run sweet during the olympic season. A suh it fi run all year round.

Tell mi de truth, oonu nuh tink seh it look bad fi wi a do so well inna China, and a run de place ova deh an wi deh a Jamaica a kill off wi one anada. We a one small island an we rank number one inna medals inna athletics. Wi beat out all a di first world country dem. Oonu nuh feel proud? an feel seh oonu fi stop di foolishness now, a full time Jamaica crime rate drop. It well over due.

Wi have so much fi bi proud a, wi need fi unite like how wi unite ova dem past few days yah. If we keep dis up, our likkle island will be a better place and everybody ago want come yah - because Jamdung sweet and violence free.