Eek-A-Mouse accused of rape in Kill Devil Hills


Eek_a_mouse.jpgEek-A-Mouse who was featured recently on Youtube ranting and raving at a press conference is in the spotlight yet again. This time the singer has been charged with the rape and kidnapping of a 23-year-old woman who reported she was held against her will at an Outer Banks motel, police say.

The musician, whose real name is Ripton Joseph Hylton, had performed at the Port O' Call Restaurant & Gaslight Saloon on Saturday. He left at the end of the show, at about 1:30 Sunday morning, said Kill Devil Hills police Lt. Gene Johnson.

According to Johnson, Hylton, 50, from Los Angeles , then went to the Colony IV Motel in Kill Devil Hills, where the woman said the rape took place.

Hylton was charged with first-degree kidnapping, second-degree rape and possession of cocaine, all felonies, Johnson said. He was also charged with possession of less than a half-ounce of marijuana, a misdemeanor.

He was released on $52,000 secured bond , Johnson said. Before his gigs in Kill Devil Hills on Friday and Saturday, "Mouse" had appeared at the Jewish Mother on Aug. 14 in Virginia Beach.


  • Another side

    You obviously don't really know the real Mouse. He has fu*ked over alot of people. We are not making this stuff up. Just because you like him and you love his music. Hell, we all like him and loved his music too. We still love his music. But this man is bad news and a real bad person. He is also schizophrenic with various personalities. He can be loving and giving at one moment in time and then a complete a hole another time. When he starts to snort cocaine, he really becomes a demon. This man lives from house to house, never paying any rent. Always using people. He is NOT respected in the music industry. Why is that? People know who he really is. And I'm sorry that you don't realize that he has raped women before this time here. He goes both ways. Like freeeaakkkky sex, crack, sodomizer, everything ugly, dark and demonic. Just remember, when you have him over to your house, don't leave him around your daughter or your son for that matter.

  • Sharky

    i have been listening to mouse for years and im am 41 years old and i dont like wat i am hearing and some of the comments that people have said dont make sense to me. I beleive that you are innocent untill proven guilty. i live in vauxhall south london , about a mile from brixton and he is welcome here any time.

    To eek-a-mouse deal with your case and handle your business and i hope you come back soon.

    from Tim (Sharky) Brisefert and family.


    He is a dangerous social predator who has f*ucked over SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many people over the years. There's no way he'll be allowed to roam freely for too much longer. Let's hope he doesn't hurt anymore women (or men for that matter) before his karma catches up with him.

  • Gateway Title

    You better watch which state you travel to and from because certain states still have old laws that do not protect its citizens, let alone its visitors. North Carolina is one of those old confederate states that does not have checks and balances in place. For example, in California we have what is called the "White Paper System" which protects you from anyone just going down to the DA's office and swearing out an affidavit on you full of lies and fabrications. In other words, the state has the obligation to a least investigate the allocations, first. Which of course, did not take place in this matter. However, in North Carolina, anyone can just go and swear to a magistrate on YOU and low and behold they issue an arrest warrant. This chick was never held against her will, raped or kidnapped. There were other people in that room that night and the next morning. Also there are numerous witnesses to the fact that they saw this woman the next day walking her dog on the beach never mentioning a word about being kidnapped. Well, you know this case is going to cost the Mouse at least $20-$50K just to defend himself against a system that should have protected him in the first place. It's all a big shake down from the police department, attorney's office, DA office, private investigators, probation department. I guess they all have to eat. This system that is so old and antiquated it needs to be abolished and rewritten. The supreme court should look at laws that allows false witnessing to occur in order to f*** up someone life and career.

  • Dr. Dickhead

    The charges haven't been dropped. I know the chick & she is no informant or narc. She is a little traveling hippy girl who hops trains all the time. She wouldn't lie just to get someone arrested.

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