Mavado and Vybz Kartel at it again


Just when everyone thought the feud between two of dancehall's top artistes Mavado and Vybz Kartel was over, the volcano has erupted.

Ever since Sting 2007 they have been seen sharing casual conversations in the streets, so everyone thought it was safe to assume that peace was in the air.

Despite this, YardFlex now understands that the two have "rekindled old flames". Scatta, a well know producer, has a new rhythm out called "Self Defense Rhythmn" which features the two artistes verbally slandering each other.

In Mavado's song he accuses Vybz Kartel of being a homosexual because he uses "bleaching" products and that he is an atheist. Vybz Kartel retaliated by calling Mavado a "Gully Girl", a gangsta wanna be and then telling him about his sexual relationship with his mother.

YardFlex also understands that Geoffrey Hype, a member of Portmore Empire, was allegedly punched by a member of Mavado's clique. This also added to the lyrical war.

  • jaa maffia

    ere weh mi a seh a gaza gova di universe and a empire gova di globe.yow appliace fi kno dis,if unu mek a step pan di gaza shot a park in a yu bombo clat edd like di car dem we park a di PLAZA. gaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaa run run di whole place.

  • sean

    gaza mi seh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    ANY1 hu feel seh movado ah badda artist a eejat! Listen 2 d lyrics! Even haj vinci a gwaan bad! Mi nuh fling tump cah mi nuh mohammed ali, dis BADMAN yuh haffi seh "sorry addi"

    Hear kartel ah nuh me u a talk ah u su*khood brudda!

    Hear Movado, im so mad ill murda yuh brudda 2...:S

    Him fi go murda him own bloo&claat batty fu*kin pu*syhole bredda 1st! Wiv dem lame lyrics, ill giv kartel more of a clash dem mofraudo

  • dj ochay

    mofrado fi guh suck him mada,kartel a di boss,a wam to him,bout him nah call man mada and yet stil him reply back to it,mofrado ave subject? bout vybz nuh intelligent,YO HEAR MI A SEH GUH SUCK UR MUM FRADO

  • shooter

    aidonia is de bomb..kill kartel an movado put 2geda anytime..kill kartel,movado & munga put 2geda anyday..kill even kartel,movado,munga & deva bratt anytime...

    "dem brain copper surf wen de gloc ah burss,colour ah de fire weh cum ouutta di nozzle it blue,like papa-smurf"....

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