Come affa wi name


Mi seh, how some people and country bad mind suh?
Mi seh afta Usain Bolt bun up de field and bruk two
worl record people a fight him out.

Why dem nuh want see Jamaicans prosper? A wah wi
do dem? Dem need fi know seh wi little but wi talawah,
an nuh matter wha, we a God Bless pickney.

Mi seh dem all have up seh Bolt deh pon drugs, dats why
him run suh fast, cause him neva use to suh fast. Dis
just grieve mi heart, cause after we a do so well de
little badmind people dem nuh want se we reach nuh weh
so dem a start rumour.

Dem feel seh wi an dem a de same ting. A straight
dumplin, banana, yam and cassava we eat a Jamdung.
Wi nuh affi tek drugs, 'cause...we have it like that!

All wi affi tell dem seh is come affa wi name, because
de more dem talk a de more we a prosper, a wah dem feel like?

To all Jamaican athletes - nuh watch nuh face, we proud
a oonu, mek dem gwaan chat. Oonu really mek wi proud.

A we seh Jamaica "to di flipping worl".