Rihanna going broke?


Rihanna.jpgWith multiple mega hits, numerous stage appearances and other endorsement deals, Barbadian singing star Rihanna is said to be going broke.

It was a shocking revelation for the 20 year old who rose to the top of world charts steadily over the past few years following her first hit, "Pon de Replay" and others like the European favorite, "Umbrella".

According to recent reports the soulful diva, who ought to be financially secure all things considered, checked her bank account and there was supposedly only a $20,000 balance. Appalled and furious she hurled accusations at her business manager, Patricia Williams, who was instantly fired.

Williams has denied any wrong doing and passed the buck to manager and owner of Rebel One Management, Marc Jordan, who she claims has been looking after Rihanna’s finances with her. Disclosing that Def Jam does not properly fund the artist, Williams said Marc has had no choice but to put money made from third party endorsements and live appearances towards Rihanna’s album and music videos.

The sacked business manager said she does not want to discredit Jordan in any way, but explained that his strategy of spending Rihanna’s money heavily in production and promotion, was aimed at getting her broken into the world market thus improving album sales. Although she has supposedly made over a million, her management claims the bulk of it has gone to making Rihanna a super star.

Williams said the downside of that move was Jordan’sdecision to keep Rihanna in the dark on how her musical projects were being funded. As a result, Williams says, she is unfairly being dealt the blaming cards.

In her defense, Williams has pointed to the very expensive productions that include the repackaging of "Good Girl Gone Bad" that became "Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded," the making of "Take a Bow" and the new "Disturbia;" all completely funded with Rihanna’s resources.

Following all that expense, Williams reportedly said, "And now she expects to find money in the bank"?

Williams is of course disgruntled and out of a good job…so her explanations may be tweaked if even slightly.

Rihanna being broke is a tough pill to swallow and Caribbean fans hope for the very best for their star artist.