Suh mi seh


with Joan Wilson


It's a good time to be back. I apologise for being caught up with work and other stuff, so my writing had to go on the back burner. But not even the pressure of work could keep me from checking in to talk about my joy which knows no end.

One little dot on the map and we are creating havoc in Beijing, China! What could possibly beat the overwhelming swell of pride when Usain Bolt crossed the finish line in 9.69 seconds and gave us the gold?

But if I thought my cup had overflowed with joy, then I had another guess coming as our three girls, Shelly-Ann Fraser, Kerron Stewart and Sherone Simpson, made a clean sweep of the medals earning gold and two silvers in the same race - creating history. Who would have ever imagined that!

Shelly-Ann who hails from the Water House community proved to the world that one's address is just geography. She was super confident, regal and a beauty to behold as she totally stamped her class on the athletic games.

Jamaica is a blessed island and we, as a people, need to realise that and stop our foolishness. It's time we as Jamaicans come together and realise how great a nation we are and start pulling together as we should.

As we bask in the glory of our athletes achievements on the track, let's not make their efforts go in vain by tarnishing the positive recognition that their victory has given us. With our strong performance on the field in the Olympic games, all eyes will be on us. Let us give them something worth seeing.

Big up to the athletes, big up the the people and big up to my country...let's start living like the champions we are...a suh mi sey!