What really happened in Sweden with Sean Paul


sean paul_edit.jpgEveryone has heard a different story about what really happened in Sweden with Sean Paul and other artistes. YardFlex has gotten an exclusive interview from an artiste, Limey Murray, who was at the venue in Sweden.

He explains that the attack was not just on Sean Paul, his band or management team, but on all the artistes who were present. This he explains was an attempt by the lawmen to control the speech of the artistes and was a direct attack on dancehall and reggae music.

Mr. Murray told YardFlex that the Police in Sweden interrogated the artistes, management and band members. They were placed in coaster buses and taken to this large auditorium where they had to do a urine test. The urine test was done to establish the presence of any traces of herb in the urine. If traces of herb were found during the urine test they would have to proceed by doing blood tests. The blood tests would show how long ago the artistes had engaged in herb smoking and if they had smoked the herb while in Sweden, seeing that it is an illegal substance in the country.

Meanwhile the artistes were being interrogated, he explains, they were going through their hotel rooms and dressing rooms, in an effort to locate the weed, which proved unsuccessful on every count. Even with the presence of dogs, they still did not find any weed in the possession of any of these individuals. Murray feels that this was a direct act of racial discrimination.

Not only did the police officers search for weed but they also checked their passports to see if they came to Sweden legally. After Mr. Murray was through being interrogated and returned to the hotel, Sean Paul still had not been released. Meanwhile Luciano, Richie Spice Queen Ifrica and other artistes were preparing to demonstrate in front of the police station to demonstrate their disgust.