Descendant of Marcus Garvey up for carnal abuse


marcus_garvey.jpgDevon Garvey, who is said to be Marcus Garvey’s great grand son, has been charged in Half-Way-Tree Criminal Court with allegedly sexually assaulting a 12 year old girl.

Garvey, who hails from Gold Smith Villa in August Town, St Andrew had the carnal abuse charges laid on him this week after reports surfaced about his indiscreet actions towards the adolescent.

Police reports state that Garvey was accompanying the young girl from church on May 31 this year, and instead of taking her home, he brought her to his house, where he allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Arrested and subsequently charged for the offence, Garvey has denied the allegations, says his attorney, Christopher Townsend.

He will return to court on September 8 for a preliminary enquiry into the incident.