Sean Paul was not arrested


Sean Paul 3.jpgContrary to reports flooding the internet Sean Paul's booking agent and publicist Headline Entertaining are maintaining that their client was not arrested on drug charges at the Uppsala Reggae Festival last Friday.

It was reported that the DJ who has made a big impact on the international scene was taken and processed along with 300 other people including artistes at a local police station.

Another media reported that the DJ's hotel room was searched without his knowledge.

Reporting on the incident Andreas Jakobsson on the web site quotes the festival boss as being "furious about Sean Paul’s arrest" and the way how the police treated the 10 artistes who were allegedly arrested and the voluntary workers at the festival. He is quoted as saying, "Both artistes and staff feel humiliated".

"The way they treated Sean Paul and other artistes was totally unacceptable. They searched his hotel room when he was not present and went through wallets and other personal belongings."

But in an article published in Chat! Headline's Corlette Deleon was quoted as saying 'There were no arrests, no raid, no secret police. Sean performed in Tunisia last night and today he flies to Russia and returns to the island later this week to fulfill his engagement at Champions In Action on Saturday night."