Lady Saw and Spice ruled at Divas in Concert



It was a night of pure fun and excitement at Club Nazz in Negril where Divas in Concert took place. Although Macka Diamond, Queen Paul and Lady G were missing in action, you would never know it by the way the crowd seized every moment to enjoy themselves.

Lady Saw and Spice proved to be two lethal divas as they literally took full control of the crowd. They came, they saw and they conquered big time.

miss thing-edit.jpg

D’Angel, Lady Diva and Miss Thing did their thing to good response from the crowd, but the night belonged to Spice and Lady Saw who drew upon every iota of experience to totally captivate the crowd.


But the only thing Yardflex want to know is how could they be so wicked to D’Angel to ask her to close the show after the blistering pace set by Saw.


Still she did not fare too badly even if she had to put in everything to deliver.