Renaissance 19th Anniversary


renaissance logo.gifThe Palisadoes Go-Kart track on Saturday night was the place to be as Renaissance Disco celebrated its 19th Anniversary with a party under the theme; "Flight 19". Renaissance, whose selectors are known for their excellent mixing skills, surely proved themselves at the event by keeping the patrons satisfied as they played hit after hit, keeping the crowd entertained and dancing as they (the patrons) 'broke out' and were 'daggering' on the dance floor.

With a theme like this, expectations for decor were extremely high and they did not disappoint. Red Stripe which is strongly associated with the sound did not fail to make its presence known at the venue. Staff was attired in airline outfits; pilot hats. Effort was put into the details of decor, lighting to set the mood, steps to board the flight.

'Spirits' were flowing all night! Liquor was readily available as the bars located throughout the venue catered well to the large crowd , very hassle free, which also added to the good vibes throughout the night. Bars 2 Go is truly ensuring a good party vibe this summer. For those driving, at the Detox Bar complimentary soup and coffee were available. Otherwise to those with General Admission, Jerk Chicken and such were on sale. Those in the VIP enjoyed dishes of a more luxurious kind ranging from chicken to shrimp pasta.

Artistes such as Bling Dawg, Wayne Marshall and Nikki B to name a few graced the crowd with their presence. All in all Renaissances celebration was blazing. The flight definitely arrived safely and in style! Look out for their 20th anniversary, it is a milestone and I'm sure will be bigger and better!