Clyde McKenzie reflects on Digicel Rising Star performances

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logo.jpgDigicel Rising Star judge, Clyde McKenzie in expressing his opinion about the performances of the contestants on Sunday, August 3 had a lot to say.

He said that as the contestants became more comfortable with themselves and the stage their performances became stronger, even though he saw some weak ones as well.

One of the stronger performances he mentioned was the group Khalil, from Montego Bay. He said that they are one of the finest performers in the competition as they have the ability to use their harmony to make them the crowd favourite.

Cameal, he believes did a fair rendition of Jimmy Cliff's "The Harder They Come". He says that her delivery and interpretation of the song should have an impact on the public.

He was, however, disappointed in the performances of the group SLR and the Linstead born barber, Nigel Wilson. He thinks that the group SLR has talent, but chose the wrong song, while Nigel, he thinks, has the potential but once again failed to deliver, leading to his being sent home. Like Nigel, Lashana has the ability and a marvelous voice but needs to improve her delivery.

McKenzie commented that he was disappointed that Patrice Ellis and Top Team did not make it to the top ten as he thought that their performances were energetic and looked forward to seeing more of them.

Finally he mentioned that it will take some time for the audience to accept Yendi as host as they have become accustomed to Denise. He thinks, however, that Yendi is doing a great job as she has her own personality and can only be herself.