Bob Marley Foundation gives back to education


The Bob Marley Foundation recently donated 100 books to the Victory Basic School in Trench Town, St. Andrew. The books, which are based on the Caribbean experience, are designed to help children in the early childhood program develop in the critical areas of reading, mainly pronunciation.

The Administrator of the school, Miss Black, declared that she has already read the books and found them to fit perfectly in the school's curriculum.

Mrs. Jackie Lynch Stewart, General Manager of the Bob Marley Foundation said that the features of the books should accelerate the literacy process, and make learning more meaningful. She believes that starting with the young ones is an important way to contribute to nation building, and change the society.

The Foundation will also sponsor two teachers from the school by sending them to special reading workshops to improve their literacy teaching skills which will assist in improving the literacy level at the school.

The Foundation also has plans to make similar donations to Stephney Primary and Juniour High School, in the parish of Bob Marley's birth, St. Ann.