Sean Paul arrested in drug bust


sean_Paul_edit_1.jpgAccording to dancehall heavyweight Sean Paul was arrested in Sweden during a sting on Friday. It is reported that Sean Paul was caught and charged with possession of an unknown quantity of marijuana.

According to the website’s snitch the whole thing went down at the Uppsala Reggae Festival - a well known event. Word is that undercover officers called for a raid when they spotted Sean Paul and a group of other artists smoking marijuana - which is illegal in Sweden.

No word on what Sean Paul was charged with or how much jail time he faces.

In an updated story posted on Caribbean World News it stated that the Swedish police have taken flack for their arrest of Sean Paul plus about 300 fans.

“ "The way they treated Sean Paul and other artists was totally unacceptable", Uppsala organizer Yared Tekeste told a Swedish publication. "They searched his hotel room when he was not present and went through wallets and other personal belongings",†the article was was quoted as saying.