Some people cole like ice


By Buffilous

Buffilous_2.jpgYow mi peeps, mi did chip out fi a while. Mi nah tell nuh lie star, Jamdung a get a way and mi did haffi go endz out a England. Mi enjoy di likkle flex, but yuh done know, all whey a gwaan dung yah suh, nuh whey still nuh better dan yard. Suh mi back wid mi usual mix up…fi who did miss mi, big up fi who did a hope sey mi stay offa di map…a suh it guh yuh caan get everyting whey yuh want.

Now mi come back wid a story whey fi mi cousin draw mi inna, yes, she meet dis gal from foreign whey teck care a old people. Gal claim sey she have some lawsuit money fi get. Den fi mi mad head cousin guh teck up wid di girl and mi dear a bere tings. She look like she have a bladder problem, or some kinda problem, cause every time him guh bed wid har, mi cousin haffi spread sheet wid plastic under it cause she nuh stop pee pee up herself.

Di odda day she an mi cousin throw a big engagement party and she all a bring har 2 1/2 year old daughter fi celebrate wid dem.

But at di engagement party she meet mi cousin best friend and di bwoy nuh duh nutten more dan pack up har head a bere lie how mi cousin a cheat and dem tings deh. Suh yuh know wha happen, di man spend over Ja $150,000 pon party and by di party dun di woman nuh interested again.
Di same night she inna di living room a sleep and mi cousin come out deh fi watch TV, she just crape up di pickney and come out lef mi cousin. From dat she start to act funny and ting.

Ongle fi find out sey mi cousin best friend start to grill him bout di girl, how tings and such delight and mi cousin a tell him sey dem nuh dem pon nutten again…neva knowing sey a him own best friend cause mischief, just tru him tink sey di girl a guh file fi him come a foreign!

Now she four months pregnant…but di big question is fi who?