What's poppin


Back together again?

Is Beenie and D'Angel reconciling? Bwoy all now everybody a talk bout di comment whey she meck a Summer Sizzle bout what God has joined together, let no man put asunder. Is she sending us a message here? Well meck wi si nuh, cause nuff people curious, dem caan wait fi si wha a guh really happen.


Portia's big forward

What a way di people a stadium cheer when dem call Portia Simpson-Miller's name. Mi neva hear nutten like dat yet. Could it be dat dem just plain tiad a di almshouse whey a gwaan and tink sey Portia can deliver dem. Fi real dough tings rough outa here bad. Light bill fi mi two months ago was in the $2000 bracket now a $5000 sinting. A how wi a guh manage, everyting a raise except yuh pay and all a dis a since di new party come in. Suh maybe di people dem did a tink bout dat when dem did a shout.


Danville a guh hard

Bwoy di people dem dung a customs a feel it big time cause tell everybody sey Danville Walker nah play! Him have di custom officers dem a walk a tight rope and it come een like sey all di bligh dem done. But yuh caan really blame him at all member di odda day him buy car fi him wife and madda and when dem go fi register it, it show pon di records sey smady else own dem aready! Bad luck wuss dan obeah, dat deh smady whey cook it up muss a cuss dem rotten luck.