Elephant Man, Christopher Martin Nice Up Independence Celebration in St. James


Article and Photos by: Petal

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The St. James leg of the annual all island independence celebration can be described as one of the best ever to be staged in the parish. The event saw special performances from Elephant Man, Dwight Samuels, Christopher Martin, Inga Stewart and Montego Bay's D.J. Mikey Ranks. Elephant Man put on a top class performance when he made his appearance on stage. They were also joined on stage by Montego Bay's dancers, Madusa and Mumma Side. Prior to the guest artistes, some of the earlier acts were, Andrenaline, Serial Killa, Ganga Lee, Ranking Bagga, Khalil, Dwight Samuels, plus appearances from the Show Jam models. Brian Bowen and Jackie Norman were both M.C.s.

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