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Public health researchers of Emory University will be presenting a study, which analyzes how the sexually promiscuous behavior of 439 black females between the ages of 15-21 is related to their use of marijuana, at the International AIDS conference in Mexico City.

The researchers discovered that the incidents of STD's and promiscuity is significantly higher in black girls who use marijuana than those who do not.

Co-author of the study, Dr. Ralph DiClemente, Candler professor of public health at Emory's School of Public Health, as well as his team, which includes Dr. Jessica Sales, Dr. Gina Wingwood and Eve Rose, recommend implementing STD and HIV prevention programs, promoting condom use as well as emphasizing the risk of drug use and STD, HIV infections designed specifically for adolescent black females.


Man extorts money for parking space

parking_sign_edit.jpgAfter allegedly demanding $500.00 for a parking space from a motorist in the Regent Street area, 27 year old Terrence Henry, one of the five men identified and said to be armed with knives, was granted $30,000 bail when he appeared before Resident Magistrate Glen Brown to answer to charges of demanding money by force.

Henry's lawyer insists that it is a case of mistaken identity and claims his client's innocence.

Henry is to return to court on September 15.