Rock Meets Reggae


sly_and_robbie_tour.jpgSly and Robbie, with guest Cherine Anderson, Half Pint and Pepper, will join the California based Slightly Stoopid on their six weeks Tail Gate 2008 US Summer Tour, commencing early August.

The first date will be on the 6th of August, at the Idaho Centre Amphi Theater, in Nampa Idaho. Then they move onto Magna, Tahoe City, Redmond, Berkley, Denver, Boston, Baltimore, Boca Raton before coming to a close in Slightly Stoopid's hometown of San Diego, California.

Prior to the commencement of this tour, Sly and Robbie will be backing Don Carlos and Junior Reid at the annual Reggae on the River in Humboldt County, North California.


  • Danny

    I saw slightly stoopis on their Tailback Tour this summer and they killed it!!!

    I just downloaded "2am" on iTunes and got this sick unreleased version of "Anywhere I Go"!

  • Danah

    Big up to Sly and Robbie anywhere inna deh world yuh deh. Deh real Boss. Bless Cherine, gwaan doh yuh thing. Saw clippings on u-tube

  • DK

    Posted by: FX on August 3, 2008 04:58 AM

    My deepest condolences to "Dancehall" music. It had a great run, over 20 years, and I am sorry it had to be laid to rest. G-d trusted Jamaica to create and be the guardian of Reggae Music, one of the greatest powers known to all mankind, and what did Jamaica do? Let it decline to the lowest depths. LIke the HOLY ARK, taken away from Israel for corruption, so has reggae been taken from Jamaica and now the rest of the world has the power that Jamaica once possessed

    DK's take

    What a load of complete Bollocks

    Reggae dancehall deserves to be shared to the world not kept in the closet..

    Its poor peoples music all over the world not just in jamaica.I respect the fact it orignated there but if countrys were to hold on to there own you wouldnt have Hip hop,R&B etc etc stop being a idoit.Its people like you that ruin the music...

    Free Reggae all over the world no matter where unu boy come from..

  • Wade Cameron

    Reggae blend wid all kind of music, Reggae big all over di wherl, Rock and Reggae nice combination.


    Big up Sly and Robbie,have a nice tour and mek dem know say a long time we a ROCK THE WORLD lol.

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