Sasha and Turbulence Back Together Again?


Turbulence_and_Sasha_edit_1.jpgAfter shooting their new single "Don't Want To Be Alone" on the Breeze Riddim by Terminal 4 Media, Sasha and Turbulence have tongues wagging about the status of their relationship.

The video which has the pair hugging and kissing and asking questions, "Why did you leave..." and "...I want you right by my side" has the public wondering if these lyrics are based on true feelings. However, both Sasha and Turbulence deny any romantic connections. Sasha said that they are nothing more than good friends, while Turbulence says that they are friends who have great chemistry when they perform together. The on screen kiss was just acting, they both declared.

It is believed that after their public 2006 breakup the two were lyrically 'throwing words' at each other with Turbulence's "No Man No Perfect" and Sasha's "Got What You Need". Sasha, however, qualifies this, "I don't wanna say we were throwing words...we just expressed ourselves. It wasn't a war... I said my piece, he said his piece." She added, "I still love him as a person, he has a good heart and soul...but it's hard to go back."