Reggae Update 2008

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The place to be on August 2, 2008 is Golden Spring Community Centre, St. Andrew, for the Reggae Update 2008. The show, which features top and upcoming reggae artistes, will have music provided by Melody One and MCs Isis and Shabba.

The show is being promoted by Simbo Entertainment. The main man, Simeon has worked on several Reggae shows, including Rebel Salute and Western Consciousness.

Simeon revealed that the idea for the show came about because he knows the power of Reggae music and feels that people often misinterpret the purpose that the music serves.

The venue for the event was chosen due to its close proximity to the Kingston area. When choosing the venue, the promoters considered the fears that people have with crime being so prevalent. So this venue is closer to Kingston with a in a cool environment.

"Patrons can expect a clean show with uplifting music and talented artistes, wholesome entertainment and enjoyment for the entire family," states Simeon.