Trouble in paradise with Bermuda bound marijuana seized


dennis_pamplin.jpegBermuda's political scene took a jolt recently with Dennis Pamplin, the husband of their deputy opposition leader being fingered as the head man in a major drug trafficking ring. Held by United States Drug Enforcement Administration in Newark, New Jersey last week, the traffickers were caught preparing to export 700 pounds of marijuana from the US to Bermuda.

Following what has been described as a year long investigation, a warehouse in Orange, New Jersey was found to be housing the large quantity of marijuana. Concealed in cement columns it was due to be shipped off to the beautiful island of Bermuda.

Arrested at the warehouse on July 15 were Dennis "King" Pamplin, 58, of New Rochelle, N.Y., and Brian Henry, 31, of Bloomfield. Pamplin, who was reportedly found to be living in a New York residence with a woman - described by courts as his girlfriend, is married to Patricia Gordon-Pamplin; also the shadow minister of works and engineering for the United Bermuda Party. The couple have two children.

Charged with the federal offense of conspiring to distribute over 1,000 kilograms of marijuana, both men are being held at Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. Henry, who has reportedly cooperated immensely with DEA officials, by allegedly telling them that marijuana was concealed in six concrete pillars, is being held with no bail.

Pamplin's bail has been set at $2 million and if released, he could be placed on house arrest with electronic monitoring. He will reportedly post a property in Florida for his bail.

Drug sniffing dogs became excited once they approached the concrete pillars, while the warehouse in Orange, New Jersey was being searched in Pamplin and Henry's presence. Henry allegedly told the DEA agents that he helped to prepare the marijuana, while Pamplin took care of transporting it to Bermuda.

Henry is said to have offered more information to federal agents who also learned from him that Pamplin was involved in a 2007 high speed chase in Morris County after he was robbed when attempting to purchase large amounts of marijuana. Chatham police records show that Pamplin was indeed arrested last year with 2 others and $97,000 was found in their possession.

Paul Bergrin, who is Pamplin's lawyer has reportedly maintained that Pamplin is in the asbestos removal business and that he only stopped by the warehouse to check out a job. The lawyer said further that Pamplin was not aware that marijuana was on the premises.

Agents believe Pamplin has exported more than 2,000 pounds of marijuana from New Jersey to Bermuda over the past year. According to agents, the marijuana has a value of about $15 million.