Nesbeth comes out of his 'Board House'


By: Joan Wilson

nesbeth_boardhouse_edit.jpgGreg Nesbeth, aka Nesbeth, is really coming into his own right now. Ever since his song Board House catapulted him into mainstream attention, the artiste, who is now signed to No Doubt Records is determined to continue on this positive trend.

Currently he is focusing on putting the finishing touches on his new upcoming album entitled Board House. One of the tracks that will be featured on the album is Guns Out, which is currently enjoying a steady buzz on the dancehall circuit right now. According to Nesbeth, this song is one of his favorites as it delves into the levity of inner-city life. "It's all about you having to see people being murdered, being tight lipped and to top it off having the cops coming in and treating you like criminals too."

The singer told YardFlex that he is happy with the trend his career is going, but all of that will not change him. "I am the same humble individual I have always been. I am happy that Board House was a number one. I am not saying I will do it again, but if it's repeated, then I will still be me."

Still he would be a hypocrite if he did not admit that success has its perks, one that he is currently enjoying. According to him he now gets more recognition from producers as where he used to pine to be on a top riddim, he is now being sought out! And of course there is the recognition he is now receiving within the music business and on a social level...he revealed with a cheeky smile on his lips. As much as he is enjoying the new turn in his career, that has not always been the case for this talented singer. He recorded several songs for other producers which went no where. It was a big let down for him when enough promotion was not being put into bringing the material to the attention of listeners. One of his recordings, I Love Her She loves Me, got some amount of buzz, but not as much as he would have liked.

Nesbeth is grateful to friends from his old school, Charlie Smith High, who encouraged him to pursue his dream when they realized he had the right vibes and the voice to go with it. "They started calling me Nesbeth and I just stuck with it, according to them Greg does nothing for me." the singer told YardFlex with a laugh.

Board House which is produced by Flava is expected to be released by September and will feature tracks such as Board House (title track), Guns Out, Baby Mother among others.