The Health Benefits of Watermelon.


watermelon-3.jpgResearchers from the US' Texas Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Centre have announced that the chemical, Citrulline, found in Watermelon, creates the same effect on the human body as the Viagra pill.

Cetrulline, an organic compound, relaxes the blood vessels, allowing the increase in blood flow around the body, much the same way the sex enhancement drug does.

Head of the research team, Dr. Bhimu Patil, says that the list of important health benefits one can derive from eating the fruit is getting longer with each study. "Watermelon may not be as organ specific as Viagra...but it is a great way to relax blood vessels without the side effects."

Watermelon, it has been discovered, is also good for the heart, immune system and skin, as even though it is 92% water, the other 8% is pure anti-oxidant lycopene.

Remember that the next time you have a slice of cool refreshing Watermelon!