Entertainment Centres Under pressure


DMckenzie_edit.jpgMayor Desmond McKenzie is not pardoning entertainment centers in the Kingston and St. Andrew area. Club goers will have to find new party spots, as The Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation, (KSAC), will be on a rampage to close down more than 20 of the common night clubs and entertainment spots in this area.

Mayor Desmond McKenzie has announced that the KSAC has carried out investigations, and and a number of these places were in breach of the International Fire Code (IFC). The IFC examines steps to prevent fires as well as extinguishing them.

The code states that in the event of a fire proper measures must be in place to detect, find and extinguish the fire in a way that will have minimal effect on the building and more importantly the safety of individuals.

Desmond McKenzie has explained that several of these places of entertainment were inspected and were in breech of these codes. Mr. McKenzie will be taking stern actions over the next few days.

Desmond Mckenzie who just recently received death threats, for his move to clamp down on extortionists a month ago, says he will continue dealing with the issues at hand. He explains that most of these places of entertainment only have one way for both entry and exit. This is in breech of the IFC and can cause harm to occupants in the event of a fire.