Beres Hammond and Tarrus Riley delighted fans at Sumfest International Night


By: Dave Lindo
Photography By: Milton Raynor


Patrons, at the last night of Reggae Sumfest 2k8, the second International Night on Saturday, July 19, amidst intermittent rain drops, witnessed some classic performances from local acts, as well as the billed international stars.

The master himself, Beres Hammond, mesmerized his audience with another breath taking performance. Backed by the 'wicked' Harmony House band, Beres had his fans on their toes as he stepped on stage and sang "What Can You Do To Stop A Man From Trying". Jumping around and flashing his fingers after being seemingly 'hit' by his music, he went into "Step Aside".


The hits kept flowing nonstop and Beres didn't give his audience time to catch their breaths as he quickly went into "What One Dance Can Do" and "She Loves Me Now".

The great reggae crooner set Catherine Hall on fire as he sang "Tempted To Touch" and "Double Trouble".

With the Harmony House band in full flight, the 'captain' Beres Hammond soured to yet higher heights as he sang "Putting Up Resistance" and the well loved "Pull It Up".


The ladies were on top of the world as Beres told them to "Show It Off". The musical genius ended an amazing performance with the song "Rock Away".


Tarrus Riley, son of an icon in the reggae music, Jimmy Riley, made his family, himself and his country proud by giving a wonderful performance at Sumfest.

Tarrus got started on a high note as he told the crowd to "Protect Yu Head".


With the band lead by the 'big man' himself, Dean Fraser, playing a tight set which sounded real sweet coming through the speakers, Tarrus shook Catherine Hall as he did the song "Beware".

The young Riley didn't hold back in displaying his beautiful voice, and used it to good use as he sang "When I'm Far Away" and "We Got It Going On".


Tarrus paid tribute to the late singer, Garnett Silk, who in his short career made an everlasting mark on reggae music. In his tribute, Tarrus sang Silk's song "Nothing Can Divide Us".

With the sweet bass line thumping through the speakers, Tarrus invited his father on stage to sing their recent collaboration, a song paying tribute to dancehall music, on the rhythm of Sugar Minott's song "Tune In".

Tarrus ended a truly memorable performance with the songs "She Is Royal" and "I Will Stay With You".


The 'Strong One' Etana, on a wet night, warmed Catherine Hall with a remarkable performance.

Etana stamped her class and had her fans singing along to songs such as: "I Am Not Afraid" and "Warrior Love". She stepped up the pace as she sang "Wrong Address", and ended just as strongly as she started with the song "Meditation".

The many teenagers on hand got their moneys worth with the performance of international act T Pain. Pain hit his audience with hit songs such as: "I'm Strong", "Shorty" and "In Love With A Stripper". The crowd was singing along as T Pain did his big multi-platinum song "Bartender".


Lil Wayne had his younger fans working up a sweat as he unleashed his hit songs including "Lollipop" and "Fire Man". He was joined on stage for his "Cash Money" colleague Bird Man as he sang "Stunner".

It was obvious that Lil Wayne enjoyed himself performing for his Jamaican fans, who didn't hesitate to show their love for him.

Roots Underground gave a solid set and made their mark on Sumfest, so too did the Las Vegas based band, Bonafide, who showed class.

Brick and Lace did themselves proud as they did "Never Gonna Get It", "Bad To The Bone" as well as their big hit song "Love Is Wicked".

The 2008 Reggae Sumfest came to a resounding end with the great reggae icon John Holt reeling off hit after hit including: "Ali Baba", "Love I Can Feel", "They will Rob You" and "Carpenter".