Keisha Cole and Akon scored big at Sumfest


By: Dave Lindo
Photography By: Milton Raynor


Keyshia Cole and Akon delivered big time for their fans as the first of 2 International Nights kicked off at Sumfest, in Catherine Hall, Montego Bay, on Friday, July 18, 2008.


Keyshia Cole captivated her audience from the word go as she started off with the song "Should Have Let You Go".

Cole, along with her dancers and backup singers, displayed excellent stage presence which was punctuated by some crisp choreographed dance moves as she took her audience through a musical journey.


She sang her heart out as she did "Should Have Cheated". She danced up a storm on stage as she sang "Give It Up To Me", her collaboration with dancehall super star Sean Paul.

She then went into a soulful mood and bonded with her audience as she sang the love ballads "Just Like You" and "Send from Heaven".

Keyshia raised the temperature in Catherine Hall as she put her beautiful voice to good use behind the beautiful song "Lonely".

The R&B super star finished on a high with two of her mega hit songs "Last Night" and "Let It Go" bringing an end to a wonderful performance which the crowd truly appreciated.


The introduction of the Senegalese born singer, Akon by his DJ, sparked 'nuff' excitement among the audience. Comically dressed in a Scottish kilt, DJ Benedict whipped the crowd into a frenzy by playing some 'tough' hip hop and dancehall selections to the delight of the crowd.

The hype of his introduction was justified by Akons performance as the singer gave his audience a truly exciting performance.


'It was a party going on' up at Catherine Hall as Akon had the crowd dancing away to the song "It's a Shake Down". He then told the audience that "We Taking Over" and showed his versatility and his love for dancehall by doing a remix of Baby Cham's "Ghetto Story".

The crowd sang along as Akon did the soul stirring song "In The Ghetto", as well as "Soul Survivor" and "Locked Up".


Akon was joined by one of Jamaica's upcoming super stars, the talented singer, Tami Chin, for their song "Frozen".

The party kept going as the people danced away when Akon did "Bartender" and "Dangerous".

As is the case with most of Akon's performances, he jumped off the stage and over the barriers in order to get closer to, according to him, his real fans in the general section.

Akon, although drawing out his act a bit too long, finished just as good as he started with songs such as "Nobody", "Want To Be Started Something" and the song "So Much Love", a tribute to the people from the African continent.


Jamaican group LUST showed that we do have our own class acts in Jamaica. The group comprising of Lukie D, Thriller U, Singing Melody and Tony Curtis displayed a high standard throughout their performance which the crowd enjoyed to the last minute.

LUST could do nothing wrong for their audience and started off their performance by blessing the place with the song "Let It Be" which they did in Accapella style.

They then went into overdrive with the songs "She Got Me" and "Run Free". Thriller U took a piece of the cake by singing the songs "I Never Love This Way Again", which he sang sweetly on the Far East rhythm.


Lukie D chipped in and kept up the momentum with "Center Of Attraction". Tony Curtis represented with "Love Should Have Brought You Home", while Singing Melody sang "Shower Me With Your Love".

LUST had the girls weak as they went through other hit songs including "Girl You Lied To Me" ,and their present monster hit song "Just As I Am" which the crowd sang along to word for word.

Courtney John, formerly known as Yogi, gave a good performance which was also of a high standard. John showed that he was a class act as he did songs such as "When You Can", "I Go Crazy", "Come To My Place", a Teddy Prendergast original.

He also rocked the crowd with the song "Nothing But Smooth Sailing" on the Baltimore rhythm, made popular by the outstanding group, the Tamlins.

The ever militant Lutan Fyah, as usual was a true ambassador for his home town, Spanish Town, and paid tribute to that community with the song "St.Jago Delavega".


He then kept true to his religion as he sang "Selassie I Mightier".

Lutan scored big when he performed the songs "Save The Juvenile", "Rasta Still De Bout" and "Blood Stain".


Queen Ifrika represented for the ladies and made her presence felt in Catherine Hall as she did the songs "A Nuh Every Body A Rub", "Randy" and her big hit song "Below the Waist".

Jah Cure, performing in his home town of Montego Bay, didn't disappoint. The Danger Zone recording artiste kept the crowd alive as he sang for his people. He told them what he was "Longing For" and said that "I Know Jah Jah Bless Me".

He commendably paid tribute to the great Bob Marley, Dennis Brown and other pioneer artistes who he said paved the way for him.


Skanking away on stage, Cure told the ladies to "Run Come Love Mi Tonight". He later asked, "Girl A Weh Yu Deh From When?"

The crowd sang along as he did the soul stirring song "Reflection". He connected with the ladies as he sang "Love Is" and "Only For You".

Cure topped off a delightful performance with the songs "Nuh Build Great Man" and "Sticky".


Richie Spice brought the curtains down on the proceeding as Co Co Tea who was originally scheduled to do so, reportedly declined, prior to the event, as he and the organizers of Sumfest were said to have had some contractual disagreement.

Spice, nevertheless, was evidently not phased by the task at hand and ended the event on a high note delivering songs such as "Babylon Falling', "Gideon Boot", "Blood Again" and "Earth A Run Red".