What's Poppin?


Miss Kitty Returns to the air

miss_kitty_edit2.jpgMiss Kitty aka the "Fluffy Diva" will finally be returning on the air after she was fired from her previous show, "The Entertainment Office" in late May of this year. According to The Star, Miss Kitty is very excited to be working with RJR, and revealed that her show will be aired between 2 - 5 p.m. on Mondays to Fridays.

Although still unsure, Miss Kitty believes the show will be called "Ketch A fire" and will be similar to her former show; bringing entertainment and music to her listeners. Miss Kitty is known for being fun, so we know this will be hype!

'Fluffy to di Flipping Worl!"


Zip Disc Jockey now turns artiste

The surprises just keep on coming. ZJ Nikki Z has just recorded her first single titled "Belly Ring" featuring Leftside who also produced the track.

The song as we heard, is about a man who is attracted to a girl because of her 'Belly Ring'.

Keep doing your thing girl.


The father of Sean Paul held at gun point and his friend shot

sean paul_edit_father.jpgGarth Henriques, who is the father of internationally acclaimed artiste Sean Paul, was held at gunpoint on Sunday, July 13. Mr. Henriques's friend, John Dowling, was shot and injured during the altercation.

Mr. Henriques escaped without being injured, but Mr. Dowling was not so lucky as he was shot in the arm. He is now recovering at the University Hospital.