Miracle or obeah?


By: Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-Posters.jpgBwoy mi seh a serious ting dat believe can kill and believe can cure yu know...but even more serious is de idea dat African spiritual heritage is real real sinting...at least my fren seh she meet a man weh real gifted wid prophecy and sometimes she wonda if tings we know as obeah or voodoo can be used fe do positive tings.

We did a chat bout sacrifice and blood bath and dem tings dey dat mi ongle hear bout, and she go chip een seh she actually had an experience wid de bird blood ting. At first mi couldn't believe sey she of all people would a get inna dem tings deh…also mi neva even know sey she did have a real serious sickness neither.

Den she start gi fe har experience and tell mi sey afta har man dead and lef har sick wid HIV she neva know wey fi do. Since a foreign she did dey and dem never even have any medicine fe help people with HIV at dat time, she was feeling completely out of luck and was basically waiting to die.

Den she link up with a Jamaican like harself who was trying fi mek it in de entertainment biz a foreign and him tell har sey, him get nuff fight a Jamaica and if it wasn't fe him precious counselor, who was a prophet and who pray fi him...him wouldn't even reach so far.

A deh suh har curiousity perk and she ask di man fi talk plain and explain whey him a chat bout. Den when she get di full hundred she beg him fi hook har up tuh.

Well she nearly flip out when she tek de trip go a Jamaica an meet de prophet man who start fe tell har all har business, tings whey she wonda how him even know. She sey him just a repeat sey 'something is wrong down there' but she neva waan tell him nutten. Him seemed shy to come out with the fact that him se seh she was sick wid HIV. She sey she had to tek serious ting mek joke, when de man finally seh... "a going fix down dere fe you" and nuh ask if him nuh mix up some concoction inna one metal bucket and when embarrassment a kill him, him even ask har whey fi do next! Mi sey him put har behind one screen and tell har fi stand up naked over di bucket a stuff whey him set pon fire. Mi backfoot, it teck heart cause it did a smoke more dan a blaze. Him tell har fi do some sinting deh, wi not even a guh mention some a di details. She did kinda skeptical, but she do dem anyway cause if it mean she can save har life she woulda try anyting. Following what she now refers to as har 'backside smoke out' the prophet also directed har to sacrifice a dove and she haffi drink di blood and dat was not funny to har at all, but she needed some miracle and did it along with prayers.

She say she wouldn't do it again fi noting, but to dis day, although nuff doctors tell har seh she ago dead from AIDS, she has lived longer than any of them thought possible at de time. Of course she now has the antiretroviral medicine, but it took years before she got it. In her mind her belief in the prophet and har prayers saved har from peril, but she always laughs when she thinks of the heat from the bucket rising up into you know where.