When do women become lazy in a relationship?


By: Buffilous

Buffilous_2.jpgYow what's up my peeps. Fi real the other day my friends and I were involved in a discussion and somehow the topic got around to 'why and under what circumstances do women become lazy in a relationship'. To tell the truth the argument got so heated that at one point we had to remind each other that it wasn't a quarrel, just a friendly discussion!

My sistren Patricia claim that when you find out that everything you do, the man doan appreciate it; an all him do is complain and act like it wasn't anything much, then it's time to meck him start fending for himelf!

According to har if you get up everyday, a wash, clean, cook and teck care a di man and him doan even spend the time to say thanks, and start all hype up on you, then why bother. If him even have the last shirt to wear and a beg you to wash a couple more, she sey you must ask him if him have fin hand and lef him meck him fend fi himself.

Well a few a di sistren dem sey dat harsh and how woman must find odda
ways fi meck dem point, but Sharon was plain and to the point. She sey dat woman must start lazy pon man when him start to have odda woman out a road.

She fling inna di argument dat it nuh meck nuh sense you a slave out pon him and him a teck next woman go joy ride and have fun. You a do di dutty work a yard and di odda woman a enjoy all a di thrills. Inna dem case deh, meck di odda woman do di wuck tuh.

Well to tell you di truth, not everyone a dem agree, some sey it nuh inna dem fi become lazy, while others say dem nuh watch nuh face, if you violate then help youself!

Well as for mi, well…if di man deserve mi energy him wi get it, but if him gi mi reason fi tink odda wise...den meck him find one helper!