Drama at Little Ochi Seafood Festival

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littleochi_seafood_festival_edit.jpgYardflex went to Alligator Pond to take in the Little Ochi Seafood
and honestly the venue sell off. The place cram so till, but to tell the truth I had a problem hearing the performers as it seemed as there were competitions from three different segments at the venue.

Upstairs at the upper deck bar it was like a dance session, in the middle there was the stage show and out front music was blasting again.

Then not to mention the security guard that enjoyed drawing his knife.
Yardflex observed him on at least four occasions arguing with 'unwanted' patrons who he felt came in illegally and worse were there selling stuff. The knife came out and there he was threatening to 'done dem!'.

With all that though the steamed and fry fish went like hot bread, shrimps, lobster and other seafood were in abundance. Romain, George Nooks, Nikiesha Barnes and others tried to do their best, but performing on tracks under those conditions, never made it at all. The Dragonaires totally dominated and had the crowd from start to finish.