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Festival mix up

What a bam bam with the Festival Song Competition whey keep Saturday night. Roy Rayon was declared the winner but whey hot people, is dat a him crape up everything.

Nobady else no win dime out it. Di people dem bex, cause dem sey him done win di million fi di prize aready, smady else shoulda win a ting tuh. Dem a cuss out backfoot bout it. A suh it guh...di world nuh level at all.


Tellah kibba yuh mouth

But a whey di girl Tellah a gwaan wid dung a Little Ochi Seafood Festival. She come pon stage wid one piece a tracing and a throw word pon Baby Tash; and class har up di most ways, bere tings. Now, she nuh reach nuh way inna di music yet and a galang suh. A bad mind she bad mind sey Baby Tash win, or she waan fi use conflict fi meck it. Whatever di reason...stop it...it nuh look good.


"St. Mary Me Come From" time again

It that time of year again for "St. Mary Mi Come From". The show will be held at its usual venue the Grays's Hill Inn Sports Complex in Annottobay, St. Mary on August 5, 2008. The well anticipated show of the summer will bring out some of the top acts in reggae and dance hall.


The staff here at YardFlex send our condolences to Alvin and Frankie Campbell from Fab 5 and JAVAA who recently lost their mother. You are both in our prayers during your time of bereavement.


Portia or Peter Phillips?

Who do you think will come out victorious as the president of the Peoples National Party? Minister Dr Peter Phillips has now entered the race against our current president The Honorable Portia Simpson Miller. Dr Peter Phillips will be challenging her at the upcoming annual conference.