Heterosexual Pride to be celebrated in New York


heterosexual-gender.jpgA Straight Pride Parade will roll out on August 31, 2008 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, just one day ahead of the annual Caribbean Labor Day Parade.

In a press release sent out recently by members of the reggae community, who have organized this event as a response to gay groups coming down hard on some dancehall music; the parade was justified as being, "...a chance for Heterosexuals to gather together and proudly embrace their sexuality. The Parade will also allow reggae and dancehall fans who are in New York City for the Labor Day celebrations to get together and celebrate reggae, dancehall and family in love and unity. Adults are encouraged to bring their children along for the celebrations, as the event will be family oriented."

Not only have gay groups launched massive global advocacies against what they call reggae's long history of gay intolerance, they have also been successful in hitting artists hard, in the pocket, by pushing for show cancellations. Their aim is reportedly to stop reggae and dancehall artists from promoting anti-gay violence, harassment and bigotry through lyrics.

The release said further: "Gay friends and gay relatives must be left at home or worse kept in the closet."