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Renato Adams throws in the towel

reneto_adams_retire.jpgYesterday was Renato Adams's final day in the force as a policeman. After more than 30 years he has now officially retired. The controversial cop says he has no regrets...well...except one...that marauding gunmen in Tivoli Gardens confronted the security forces in July 2001.

The senior cop added that criminal elements causing chaos in the society are getting too much press. The crime fighter, who has been hailed by many communities in Jamaica as a hero, is featured in the popular Jamaican soap, Royal Palm Estate.


Bruce Golding to get tough

Bruce GoldingProfile_fightcrime.jpgPrime Minister Bruce Golding announced that in two weeks time the country will see his strategy for fighting the spiraling crime rate. He said that certain bodies might be offended with the actions that will be taken, but he refuses to leave the country ransom to criminals. Of course, it goes without saying that the entire country is waiting to see what this unveiling will be and more importantly...will it be effective.